Old 500 Rent is a Sicilian idea that aimed to unite the icon par excellence that is the tricolour car, the Fiat 500, and the Sicilian Baroque.

This ambitious effort aims to curate each and every minute detail while allowing, at the same time, flexibility and ability to satisfy the varied needs that customers might require.

The service, which nowadays, only those who know the territory well are able to render, combined with the desire to interact with other operators on site, allows you to truly cross the "bridge" that leads to the Past in the most carefree way possible, making it possible to grasp, appreciate and live otherwise imperceptible details.

Francesco D'Iapico, creator of this project, will be more than willing to plan the details of your trip in this Sicilian corner of history which few have had the opportunity to get to know and appreciate.

"The satisfaction which conveys a contented look is what makes you want to go beyond the target previously set.” (F. D.)